08 augusti 2023 Nyhet

We welcome IPercept as a new client

We are excited to announce IPercept as our new client – choosing Komson’s long term ”Your Marketing Department” Service Concept!

“– We look forward to working with Komson as we shape our marketing strategies. We successfully transitioned from proof of concepts to robust business evaluations in 2022, delivering tangible results that had a long-term impact on our customers. Now, as we enter the volume roll-out phase, Komson’s expertise will be helpful for structuring our marketing strategies and guiding our knowledge acquisition”, says Rohan Madappa Venkatesh, Product Marketer, IPercept Technology AB.

IPercept offers an innovative AI-based smart IIoT device and services that specialize in remote and stand-alone solutions for the maintenance and operational improvement of industrial machinery. An advanced fitness tracker for complex industrial machines.

IPercept Technology was founded in 2019 as a spin-off company from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm by Karoly Szipka, now CEO, and Andreas Archenti, now Chief Scientist. The founders were involved in extensive research about maintenance and operational improvement solutions, and IPercept was founded to commercialize their work and make it available to machine builders and operators.

IPercept now works with some of Sweden’s leading manufacturing companies and will soon be able to count most of the 30-largest Swedish industrial manufacturing companies as their customers.

Recently, IPercept had been selected as one of the finalists in the prestigious Techarenan Challenge 2023 competition in Almedalen for the Nordics’ best startup and growth companies. There, IPercept won the Industrial Award of the Year!

An agency collaboration for creativity and continuity

Together with the growing in-house marketing department at IPercept, Komson are planning and soon starting to execute the content and marketing strategy. The aim is to grow brand awareness and generate interest, and give knowledge and insights to selected target groups. Komson are also supporting IPercept with producing sales and marketing material.

“– With strategic content marketing and other marketing activities, we’re excited to spread the word about IPercept and the value their innovation is creating for their clients. We want to get industrial companies excited about their fantastic innovation, product and services!”, says Fabian Thorlund, Project manager, Komson.

Visit the IPercept web page here to learn more – ipercept.io