01 juni 2022 Nyhet Våra Kunder

This future battery company is looking good!

We are excited to work with a company that is creating a more sustainable future! Granode Materials produces a supreme silicon-graphene anode material for the next generation lithium-ion batteries, which makes the batteries in mainly electronic vehicles smaller, lighter, faster charging and more durable.Komson has helped Granode Materials find its own unique graphic profile and logo as well as creating various marketing materials. Together with the web agency Digital Island we have also created Granode Material’s website – granode.com.

”Granode is in an exciting phase right now, where we are introducing our unique solution to a rapidly growing and innovative market Komson has created a graphic identity and a website for us that helps us build awareness and excitement about our solution and our vision”, says Richard Norén, CEO, Granode Material AB.

For this project Komson contributed the following services:

  • Project management – introductory brand workshop, planning and coordinating with customers, web agency, content producers and native English writers
  • Graphic design – logotype, graphic profile, icons, films, marketing material
  • Copy and text – content production for website including new blogposts

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