17 mars 2021 Nyhet Våra Kunder

Sales-driven marketing for the nano tech company, 2D fab

The nano material company 2D fab in Sundsvall, Sweden, is a large-scale manufacturer of high-quality green graphene – a nano material that is stronger than steel and a more effective conductor than copper. Graphene is believed to revolutionize material development in the coming years. We at Komson are helping 2D fab build their brand and reach target partners and markets in and outside Sweden.  

One of 2D fab’s application areas is plastics where graphene can make polymer composites stronger, lighter, more durable and, if desired, even electrically conductive. Another application area is batteries.

For the past year-and-a half Komson has been a member of 2D fab’s organization. Our role is to work with their marketing strategy, content marketing, production of marketing materials and films, and project management of key marketing projects. These activities aim to increase 2D fab’s visibility in their primary markets and to support the plans and work of the sales organization (e.g. through targeted campaigns on LinkedIn).

Here you can watch a new animation that shows how the 2Dx graphene battery anode material works and how it can enhance the capacity and endurance of future batteries.

On the new website that we launched last autumn, 2dfab.com, you also can find a knowledge blog that we continuously produce content for, in conjunction with their marketing coordinator. We then spread and market that content via social media. We also continuously send selected news to the press (PR). As one result of that, the Swedish national TV news program, Rapport, picked up the story about the new 2D fab production facility (June 2020).

The future for 2D fab is very bright and exciting, with more collaborations, partner and people coming onboard every day as i seems. Several new marketing projects are planned for 2021 and already in process – activities and projects that will help 2D fab achieve their business goals.

Want to know more about how we work with B2B-marketing strategy, implementation and production – and how we can help you? Contact Marcus Segersvärd, marketing strategist at Komson. 

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Animation: Gabriel Gumucio, voice-over: Frida Forsberg (2D fab), project manager: Marcus Segersvärd, Komson. Photo: Cecilia Eriksson.